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Bilingual Kennel Attendant

Physical Requirements: 
Kennel Assistants clean animal cages and lift pets; must be able to lift 25 lbs, and team lift 55lbs, as well as restrain animals, risking exposure to bites or scratches. Their work often involves kneeling, crawling, crouching, squatting, repeated bending, and lifting /stocking heavy supplies. They must be able to walk or stand for extended periods of time.
The primary responsibilities for a Bilingual Kennel Assistant are:

·         Speak Spanish and English fluently. Must be willing to translate information to clients.
·         Walks through the kennel areas, checking each animal individually for any abnormal activity such as vomiting, diarrhea, or blood in the kennel.
·         Holding animals for treatments and examinations.
·         Must be willing to be around bodily fluids (blood, urine, etc) and needles.
·         Reports all abnormal activity to coordinators and doctors.
·         Recognizes emergency situations and enlists the aid of doctors and technicians.
·         Marks journals correctly for eating and drinking, and fecal and urine production.
·         Performs duties (feeding, watering, check off lists, etc) according to the Whiteboard, and marks them complete on the Whiteboard.
·         Cleans and disinfects kennels using spray bottles of disinfectant.
·         Cleans cat litter boxes and disinfects kennels.
·         Cleans and disinfects all food and water bowls.
·         Picks up soiled bedding and moves it to laundry area. Places clean bedding in kennel with animals.
·         Operates washer and dryer to clean kennel bedding and hospital laundry. Sweeping, mopping, and other janitorial duties are to be performed as well.

·         Additional compensation for ability to translate to clients
·         401k
·         Bluecross/blueshield health insurance, delta dental, and VPS vision  
·         Will be eligible for pay raise after one year of employment
·         40 hour vacation after one year of employment
·         Flexible hours- day and night shift are available
·         Discounts on pet services after 6 months of employment
·         40 hour work week with every other weekend off work

If interested in joining our team, please contact us at info@marinaanimalclinic.com or call 918-663-5758